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The mitzva of the study of the Tora counts not only for the person who actually does it, but also for those who make it possible. Supporting both morally and materially the person who studies. Tradition gives us example of this in the Pentateuch, speaking about the pact stipulated between Yissachar and Zevulun, the sons of Ya'akov and Lea, by which Yissachar would have studied the Tora and Zevulun would have maintained them both. The merit of the study of the Tora would then be divided equally between them.
By giving life to our project to provide a source of Tora from Zion, we have only considered its necessity and importance. We will be pleased to share any merit derived from it with whoever wishes to support us in the economic effort which this requires, according to custom whereby you dedicated, with a donation, a page, a chapter or a whole treatise in honour of a person or a family, or in memory and for "yilui neshama" of a relative or friend. Due acknowledgment will be given in our site.
Could those interested in supporting "Chavruta" please contact us.
May the merit of the Tora make you live and prosper in this world and in the world to come!

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