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HaDaf   HaYomi

HaDaf HaYomi or the page of the day, is a method of studying the Talmud founded in 1927 by Rabbi Meyr Shapiro, Rosh Hayeshiva of the famous Yeshivat Chachme Lublin, in Poland and one of the main leaders of the jewish world.
He had the idea of gathering many scholars to study the same page so that each one could finish the Talmud in seven years (2711 pages). In this way, we are now in the twelfth cycle. Hoping that, with the help of the Saint, may He be blessed, ever more numerous, we can celebrate the completion of this cycle together, we, therefore, invite you to take part in the study. BEATZLACHA!!
The Talmud Tractate we are studying

Rav Meyr Shapiro ztzvekal
Chart of the Talmud Scholars Archive of HaDaf HaYomi

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