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This program has been conceived, prepared and realized in Jerusalem by an Italian team. The project was born to fill a gap, of which one is often unaware, in the formation of everyone dedicated to Judaism at a certain level. It is being carried out by a family group who has dedicated all its efforts to the study of the Tora. Why a family group? Because the study of the Tora isn't just the work of a single person, however pious, dedicated or studious he may be, but specifically merits such a name only if it is the completeness of life based on the principles of the Tora, which requires the involvement of all members of the family in every phase of life: the head of the family, who spends every hour of the day on the Talmud "bound to the stender" in the Yeshiva before marriage and in the Kollel after; the wife and mother, who gives her support and encouragement and makes this privileged and very exacting type of life possible; the children, who learn a particular way of conceiving the world and how to move trough life from when they are young. 
Rav Goldstein The project has been realized under the guidance of Rabbi Dr Mordechi Goldstein, university researcher in the philosophy of science and methods of science teaching, previously Chief Rabbi of the Jewish Community of Florence, popularizer in Italy of the Lituanian Yeshivot Ideology and promoter of experiments in this area carried out in Milan. Today he is an avrech full time in the Yeshivat Haran of Ramot, Jerusalem, after having studied in other Yeshivot in Jerusalem for almost twenty years. He is the son of Aharon Goldstein zatza"l, whose cruel fate it was to be racially persecuted by the British Authorities, who repatriated him by force from Jerusalem. He had been working there in collaboration with the great leader of Italian Jewry, Alfonso Pacifici zatza"l, to reestablish the famous school "Doresh Tziyon", one of the first attempts to form a jewish educational institution with an integrated traditional modern program.
The collaborators in this project are:

His son, Rav Beniamino Goldstein, educated from the age of eleven in Jerusalem, was a student in the Yeshiva Ketana, Gedola and Kollel at Kol Tora under the guidance of the Gaon Rav Shelomo Zalman Auerbach zatza"l, and took his Rabbi's degree after a five year program at the Machon Arie Fishel, Jerusalem. Actually Chief Rabbi of the Jewish Community of Merano, Italy.

His son-in -law, Rav Reuven Ernest Rotshild Halpert, was born in New York and was educated at the famous Yeshivat Mir in Jerusalem, the biggest and most renowned of the Yeshivot in existence today, where he founded and looked after the enormous talmudic library of which he is now librarian.

His son-in -law, Rav Yissachar Zvi Oppenheimer-Aufer, was educated in the Yeshivot of Eretz Yisrael, avrech full time at the Kollel Mif'al Hashas of Kiriat Sefer.

Their wives, mothers and teachers, who are dedicated to the family and to the education of the new female members in Eretz Yisrael in connection with the Bet Ya'akov formation, contribute every effort and educational intuition to this work according to an Italian and Mittel-Europian cultural style.

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